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  • Does Retain stain colored/bleached hair?
    Retain does not stain, but it does contain a combination of ingredients that darkens hair and reduces grey hair over time!
  • What is Ayurveda?
    Ayurveda is the world's oldest medicine system, with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent. It is considered an alternative healing system in th U.S., and have been used to treat many health and wellness needs + issue for over 5000 years now.
  • What are the benefits of Ayurvedic Herbs on natural hair ?
  • Does the Retain Butter Work on Straight/Relaxed Hair?
    The Retain Butter has a light, mousse-like butter consistency. If your hair loves oils and butters, your hair will love the Retain Butter. If you hair is naturally oily, we recommend using the Retain as a deep conditioning treatment for straight hair opposed to a leave-in treatment. HOW TO USE RETAIN ON STRAIGHT HAIR If you have straight hair and you would like to try the Retain Butter as a leave in, a little goes a long way. To use as a wash out treatment, damp your hair, apply the Retain Butter generously to your scalp and hair strands, then let it sit for at least 30 minutes before washing out. Follow up with a clarifying shampoo!
  • What is the shelf life of the Retain Butter?
    Our Retain Butter Leave-in lasts up to a year!
  • Does the Retain Butter work on locs?
    It ultimately depends on your hair. On average, we recommend lighter products that won’t cause build up in locs like an herbal oil, light leave in mists, or our black rice water scalp massager. However, some goldilocks loves butter and creams. If your locs do, we definitely recommend trying our Retain Butter, it melts very lightly!
  • What are your delivery options?
    Priority Mail (1-3 Days ) - $9.99 Priority Express Mail (Overnight -1 Day) - $29.60
  • How long will my order take to arrive?
    When we are in stock, orders take 1-3 days to deliver within the U.S. If you pre-ordered when we were out of stock, your order will be shipped throughout the following month you purchased the product. Schedule: January orders deliver in February. February orders deliver in March. March orders deliver in April. April orders deliver in May. And so forth. Please be patient with us. No worries, we are taking care of your order!
  • Where's my order?
    Check the status of your orders and shipments by copying and pasting the tracking number provided in your confirmation email into the USPS tracking tool linked below.
  • I never received my shipping confirmation email
    Oh no! We must've accidentally missed you. We pride ourselves in delivering first-class experience to our customers. Let's fix this! Leave your name and order number in the chat with a brief explanation of the issue so we can resolve this issue. You will be sent a shipping confirmation email with your tracking number as soon as possible!
  • How long does International orders take to deliver?
    Priority Mail International delivery takes approximately 6-10 days on average. Occasionally, this varies based on destination.
  • My product is missing
    Oh no! We sincerely apologize for this inconvience. We pride ourselves in delivering every customer their ideal experience. Let's correct your order! If no representative answers the chat within the next 3 minutes, leave your name, order number, and issue with us or emailus at . We will get back to you as soon as possible to correct your order.
  • My product came molten
    We are sorry to hear this! The Retain Butter is, a butter. What happens to butter when you put it in a hot skillet, it melts. Butters are temperature sensitive. They are prone to melt in extremely hot temperatures and hardens in cold temperatures. We do our best by freezing the butter at least 12 hours before shipping, package the Butter in thermal insulated mailers, and use dry ice in our mailers to protect the product from melting during transit. What to do if your Retain Butter melts: Our suggestion to customers who live in these extreme climates is to refrigerate this product for 4-6 hours to stabilize it so it can return to its original and authentic fluffy consistency. We recommend storing it in a stable, cool dry area or keeping it in the refrigerator. Please keep us updated on the consistency of the product. We would like to ensure that you are satisfied with the product. Regardless, it is safe to use. We recommend that you store your butter in a cool, dry area for 2 days. If it doesn't return to a fluffy state, email us at with: 1. Your name 2. Order Number 3. Short explanation of issue with an image of molten butter. We will reach out to you as soon as possible to exchange your product for a brand new, fluffy butter!
  • My product came hardened
    The Retain Butter is, a butter. What happens to butter when you put it in the refrigerator, it hardens. The Retain butter was originally made with no emulsifier, but selling it commerically taught us that it was temperature sensitive. It melts in hot temperatures and hardens in cold temperatures. On August 3, 2022, we upgraded our formula with 2 nrew ingredients, water and an emulsifying agent which stabilizes the whipped consistency in all temperatures. We recommend that you store your butter in a cool, dry area for 2 days. If it doesn't return to a fluffy state, email us at with: 1. Your name 2. Order Number 3. Short explanation of issue with an image of hardened butter. We will reach out to you as soon as possible to review your order and send you a brand new Retain Butter!
  • When will the product be back in stock?
    Retain will be back in stock soon! To be immediately updated when we restock, provide your first and last name along with your email in our website's chat or email us at to be added to our back in stock email contact list. We will update you once you are added to the list!
  • How do I return a product?
    We do not accept returns, only exchanges. You can exchange the product by shipping your previous one to the address of the company's headquarters listed below. The Pigmented, LLC 1700 Northside Drive, Suite A7 PMB 3264 Atlanta, GA 30318
  • Have you gotten the product back?
    Please provide tracking number of the returned item to the email address We will update you when it's delivered to us as soon as possible!
  • What are your business hours?
    Weekdays: 10am - 9pm Weekends: 3pm - 8pm
  • How to contact us
    The Pigmented has 3 methods of contact. To ensure the fastest and most efficient communication, we kindly request that you utilize our Website Chat, which is our #1 recommended method for the swiftest assistance. Email - Website Chat Fax Number - (800) 830-4183
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