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The Braided Baldie is the Style of the Summer

Updated: May 30

The braided baldie

This unprecedented hairstyle is taking the internet streets by a storm, stopping the entire natural hair community in our tracks, and putting your favorite braider's skills to the test.

The braided baldhead, also known as the "infinity braid," is a continous trail of one cornrow weaved into connective patterns that takes up the entire area of the head, seemlessly tucked in with no hangtime or sign of an end. This unorthodoxed hairstyle screams black culture and is perfect for the artsy black woman and black girls who proudly represent the hood rich or ghetto fabulous aesthetic. Just add some hoops and put on your favorite street wear fit and it's over with for everybody.

The infinity braid is revolutionary on its own, but what makes this hairstyle even more unique is our ability to throw on a wig on top of it with ease at any given time. It provides the perfect canvas for wig installation and puts the default bald cap method to shame. The braided baldie also provides the the perfect canvas to apply our Rapunzel Hair Growth Serum to your scalp.

In recent weeks, braiders have been exercisng the full capacity of their artistry, their mathematical minds and their mapping skills with this hairstyle, actively discovering new possibilites for patterns that seemed unachievable until now. As new developments emerge, we are excited to see the versatility of this hairstyle in hair shows to come!

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😂 it’s a no for me. I’ll keep twisting until I reach hip length

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